Collection of insects

Curator: mr Suzana Malidžan
museum adviser

Collection of insects is established in 1996 and comprises of more than 4000 specimens (of which 1948 are dry and 1200 wet specimens). The most numerous groups are hoverflies (Syrphidae, Diptera) with 1392 specimens, then dragonflies (Odonata) with 196 specimens, butterflies with 144 specimens, around 400 cumulative samples of ants (Formicidae) and the rest belongs to different groups: Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera, etc. The collection of hoverflies is scientifically determined, and the museology processing is on-going. The material is mostly collected in the river canyons of Morača and Mrtvica, at the area of Babin zub, and partially within the broad area of Ulcinj, Ljubišnja and few other localities in Montenegro. The collection of dragonflies is scientifically determined and currently contains 36 species, which specimens are mostly collected in the broader are of Skadar Lake and Ulcinj. Collection of ants is curated by dr Marko Karaman. This collection is scientifically determined and contains around 200 ant species, predominantly from Balkans. The collection of ants also contains the holotypes of two new species for science, collected at the territory of Montenegro and described in 2008. Until today, 140 species of ants is registered in Montenegro.
Other collections are in building process, with smaller number of items determined to the level of genus or family. This concerns collections of butterflies, beetles and orthopters.

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