Curators conservationists: Dubravka Bešić conservationist adviser
Branka Tomović, senior conservationist

Preparator taxidermist: Alen Tatar

Museum technicians: Nataša Lisičić and Biljana Jovetić

In the preparation atelier of the Museum the work is accomplished in preparation and conservation, complex activities in the area of taxidermy (dermoplastics); models, dioramas and other exhibition related items are constructed. Since the foundation, the atelier has produced over 120 exhibits, of which the most numerous are birds, them fishes, mammals and others. Since 2013, contemporary and improved methods in preparation are used avoiding the usage of highly toxic materials. Professional staff include conservationists and taxidermist, as well as museum technicians who contribute different tasks in the museum's items, materials and documentation management.

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